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Why to know the routes of buying fan page?

In this article were absolutely planning to see the do’s and don’ts when you are looking out for the the opportunity to buy Facebook fan page. You have to make sure that you follow certain procedures since it will even affect your own private account, if you aren’t following the actual procedures involved remember after you buy the Facebook page you have to be greatly safe to create a Facebook dummy account.

Need for dummy

Why dummy account should be created? The reason because your original account shouldn’t get affected anyways send already there is a separate Facebook facebook fan page been maintained by you. The separate Facebook fan page which is being maintained on your own will have some sort of audiences or followers who must not get confused of having a new page or possibly a new person. Hence the dummy account what you create need to look real and like yours. So after you create the dummy account for the Facebook fan page the next acquired next step you have to do is login on the dummy account.

Personal vs Dummy

Then try to remove the real personal account in the admin position which you have enabled so once all of the steps get clear you’ll be having a clear path for the sole one who owns the account. You can absolutely make use of this account without the risk involved after that personal information been mounted on your Facebook dummy account. It’s also wise to see that from which Facebook IP addresses you’re using it so work with a proxy form of thing and has got the right Ip before you make use of your Facebook dummy account. If you have further doubt, you can try Buy the page item on Facebook (Facebook’ta sayfa begenisi satin al )?

May 13, 2019